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Lopez Marie

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Research themes

- Design, synthesis and characterisation of small-molecule enzyme inhibitors for anticancer or anti-infectious therapies
- Targeting of epigenetic mechanisms and especially DNA methylation in cancer
- Application of chemical-biology strategies to better understand epigenetic mechanisms

Current research

My current research project aims at a better understanding of epigenetic mechanism and especially DNA methylation in cancer. DNA methylation in aberrant in cancer and whereas bodies of gens are hypomethylated, a hypermethylation of the tumour suppressor gene promoter regions is observed. This methylation pattern is associated with tumour suppressor gene silencing and induces tumour formation and maintenance. DNA methyltransferases (DNMTs) are the enzyme catalysing DNA methylation. As a highly important mechanism of cancer DNA methylation targeting is increasingly studied and two nucleoside analogues, inhibitors of DNMTs, are currently used as anticancer treatments. Nevertheless, the instability of those molecules and their associated side effects spark the interest to improve DNA methylation targeting in cancer.
To this end, my first research project is to discover new small molecules inhibiting DNMTs by improving existing inhibitors, synthesising multivalent systems of DNMT inhibitors or designing and synthesising hydride epigenetic modulator molecules.
The second research interest is to develop chemical-biology methods to increase our understanding of epigenetic mechanisms in cancer. Thus, we design and synthesis chemical tools, called chemical probes, capable of trapping DNMT partners directly in living cells using bio-orthogonal chemistry. Our goal is to identify DNMT partners belonging to the same enzymatic complex as DNMT that are specific to cancer cells and which can be responsible for the addressing of DNMT in the TSG promoter regions. These specific DNMT partners could then be consider as new “epitargets” to develop anticancer therapies to indirectly inhibit DNA methylation with less side effect than existing active compounds.

Research Profile

I get my PhD in 2007 Chemistry-Biology at the University of Grenoble. During this project, I synthesised functionalised monosaccharides and used chemoenzymatic synthesis to prepare xylogluco-oligosaccharides and study their interactions with cellulose, using isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC), adsorption isotherm determination and solid NMR. The aim was to mimic the xyloglucan-cellulose network of plant cell walls and identify the key parameters for these interactions.
I was then recruited in 2008 for a post-doctoral fellowship at Eskitis Institut in Brisbane (Australia) on an Australian Research Council (ARC) fellowship to work on the design and synthesis of glycosulfonamides as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors as anticancer therapies.
I moved then to Montpellier in 2011 to carry out a project at the interface of chemistry and biology where I purified Mycobacterium tuberculosis histidinol dehydrogenase (HDH), a virulence factor, of this pathogen and synthesised HDH inhibitors to be used as anti-infectious compounds.
In 2013, I was recruited as CNRS research associate and started my project about epigenetics and cancer at the ETaC laboratory. The aim of my research project is to improve DNA methylation targeting in cancer. To do so, I synthesis new DNA methyltransferase (DNMT) inhibitors and develop chemical-biology strategies to better understand what are the actors involved in the aberrant DNA methylation pattern in cancer cells.

List of publications

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